The Road To ArtExpo NYC

April 19 – 22 are going to be something of a homecoming for me, as I show my artwork at ArtExpo NYC. 

New York City was my stomping grounds dating back to the days in high school when my best friend and I would take the NJ Transit train to 48th Street to window-shop with wide-eyed amazement at all the guitar and music equipment shops.  During and after my college years, NYC bars, clubs, and music venues were where my band cut its teeth and became a well-oiled music machine.  While the band didn’t become an international household name as we’d intended, all the experiences, adventures, misadventures, and pure joy we had in NYC during those years still hold fond memories and a special place in my heart.

Going back to NYC to promote my art – only this time in the paint medium – feels joyously reminiscent of my Music Years.  In fact, I’m approaching it in identical fashion through shameless, shameless self-promotion to anyone who'll give me even a moment to shamelessly self-promote.  I've invited everyone including family, friends from NJ and DC, gallery owners/employees, local press/bloggers, real-estate firms, and NYC-based celebrities, all with the singular goal of gaining greater exposure for my art and hopefully making a few (or a lot of) sales along the way.  

If you’re reading this, I’m inviting you as well!

ArtExpo NYC                                          For complimentary tickets:
April 19 - 22                                  

11 a.m. to 7 p.m.
Booth 516-S   

Pier 94
711 12th Ave.
(55th St. & West Side Hwy)